A place for squads.

A place for squads

As humans, we’re compelled to connect. It’s in our DNA. We need to interact with each other. It may not always be the best of conversations, the vibe may not always be right, but it’s our fundamental response to life.

If we’re lucky, we find people to call our friends; we find our squad.

Friendship isn’t limited by race, gender, or monetary class; it’s the radical expression of commonality in this world. It embraces all facets of human existence, the ups and downs, the loud and quiet. It takes different forms, a mad juxtaposition of emotion and logic. Our squad give us something bigger than ourselves to be apart of; in return we make memories that last forever.

Here, we’re telling the story of moments shared together, calling others to add their perspective to the multidimensional, textured friendships on CLQSIX.