CLQSIX is the new wave of social media. The squad movement has arrived. The Six’bassadors program is a way for awesome people like you to connect with new friends, while helping with different grassroots marketing initiatives and product testing. You will represent CLQSIX in your city & community and help us grow through word of mouth. You brainstorm with our team on new ideas, give feedback, and get some sneak peeks along the way. You ultimately become CLQSIX interns and partners. Oh, and you get free CLQSIX swag, VIP treatment at our parties, and your squad gets highlighted on the app.


  • Spread the word about CLQSIX in your community, campus, network, family, and those random Facebook/Instagram followers (use our Google Sheet to track the people you’re signing up)

  • Have everyone you know download & sign up for CLQSIX

  • Wear CLQSIX swag around town (snapbacks, t-shirts, etc.)

  • Brainstorm with CLQSIX Marketing Team

  • Attend and help inspire Squads Only events to connect with other local Six’bassadors

  • Become a influencer on your campus
  • Free Ticket to SQUADCON


  • For the first 50 friends you get to download & sign up for CLQSIX, you get $$$.

  • You get $$$ per person after you sign up your first 50 friends.

  • CLQSIX swag including cool shirts for the summers, hats to block the sun, stickers for your laptop, and last but not least photo printouts of your squad.

  • First access to CLQSIX internships and job opportunities.

  • Connect with a network of CLQSIX influencers in your city and around the world, including meet ups with other Six'bassadors locally.

  • Opportunity for your clique to be highlighted as Clique of the Week.

  • Exclusives and early access with our partner brands


To start, ask questions, or give suggestions, email: with "Six’bassadors" or "college rep" in the subject line. We need to know what school you go to, your ig/twitter, and what fraternity/sorority you are in.   

Prefer social media to connect with us, send us a message on Instagram, Twitter, or Kik: @clqsix. If you know anyone who should be a Six’bassador, feel free to let us know.